Reddit AMA with OxygenOS Team OnePlus

Here’s the summary of most important questions asked @ Reddit AMA with OxygenOS Team.

1. When will OxygenOS release?
-> Next month, it will be stable build focusing on stability and better battery life.

2. Will it be a OTA over CM12?
-> For OnePlus One, it will not be a OTA. OxygenOS will be just another choice of ROM. However, you will keep getting CM12S updates in future on your device.

3. Will it have custom camera app?
-> Initial release will be bundled with Google Camera only. Camera optimizations are targeted in future release.

4. Will it have Camera API2 / HAL 3?
-> Initial release will not have HAL3 or Camera API 2. However, it is their under plans and team is already working on awesome camera for v2 release.

5. Will it come with MaxxAudio?
-> Initial release will not bundle MaxxAudio implementation however future builds may.

6. Is OxygenOS open source?
-> No, OxygenOS contains proprietary drivers. Sole property of OnePlus.

7. Since OxygenOS team has most of the Paranoid Android developers, is it just another PA ROM?
-> No, OxygenOS will have unique and exclusive features.

8. Will OxygenOS have it’s own recovery? and can I flash other ROMs?
-> Yes and Yes

9. Does OxygenOS come with Privacy Guard like CM?
-> No, not in the initial release at least.

10. Does OxygenOS come pre-rooted? Does it support multi-rom?
-> No and No

11. How many bloatwares will be in OxygenOS?
-> Zero

12. Does it come with skin on top of stock Android?
-> We love Stock AOSP experience.

[Source: OnePlus]